Saturday, November 8, 2008


A good friend asked me today why it is that some souls come here to suffer? That is an extremely good question. Here are my musings on the subject:

Sometimes people get into a negative pattern within themselves that creat ecycles of suffering to occur over and over again. When in the midst of the cycles, it is sometimes difficult to see what we ourselves are doing to promote the negative pattern. But once we do, then we can make clear choices to correct the pattern of behaviour and achieve a more positive pattern, thus a more positive outcome.

The same can be said for karmic patterns. Sometimes we come into this life with huge challenges to overcome. These can be conditions of karma. Something we are here to do this life can be to make up for poor choices in another life. On the other side of the coin, sometimes our suffering in this life is also to help those around us to learn about things like compassion and understanding.

Suffering that happens to someone at the hands of another, however, is often the event of one person's free will (I'm gonna kill you!) broadsiding our own free will (I was just standing here minding my own business and then, BAM!, he tried to kill me!). That sort of event only serves to set up negative karma for the offender. We cannot blame the victim with this sort of thing, karma or no karma, because that only serves to traumatize the victim even further, thus preventing them from surviving the event, and eventually becoming a thriver once again.



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