Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Masks We Wear

We all wear different masks at different times of the day. We wear a mask at work, and one at home, and one with our families of origin, and one with our life partners and one with our children and the list goes on and on. These masks are not, however, necessarily a bad thing that keeps people from getting to know us, nor are they always used to keep bad things at bay.

I like to look at the different masks as expressions of a variety of things we can all be. They are descriptions of who we are and they are not all mutually exclusive. For example,parents sometimes neglect being physically demonstrative in front of their children because they think that they have to protect them from knowing about sex. Yet sex is a part of love and is a part of what actually brought these children into being. Those children whose parents were more demonstrative tend to be the ones who later in life have a much healthier sex life with their partners. We all need physical connection. It is only human and only natural.

So when we wear our masks, we need to look at them as expressions, not as methods of hiding who we really are. The ones that are designed to hide who we are eventually get pulled right off our faces anyway. But when we allow people to see us change our masks and express ourselves in a variety of ways, we then give them permission to be a variety of things themselves, which frees them from social bindings that imprison them. So go yourself!


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