Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Be Yourself

So often we find ourselves peeking out at the world from within a hole we crawled into to get away from the world. Most often we end up in that hole as a result of accepting someone else's beliefs about who we are. Most often those beliefs are projection of that person's own circumstances and have nothing to do with us at all. I recently had an experience like that. I chose to not hide in a hole.

A dear friend informed me that someone she knows has been trashing me. This person is someone who has never taken the time to get to know me. She simply has beliefs that are a little strange to me. Do I worry about this type of person? Well, why would I? She only harms herself every time she trashes me. People are not stupid. They can tell, like my friend did, that this person is wacked and they know that what she says is more indicative of who she is that who I am.

When something like this happens, however, I always look into what it is inside of me that resonated in such a way as to either draw the situation to me or even just to draw the disclosure to me. In much searching I found a wee twist in this. You see, what drew it out of the woodwork was my own personal quest for truth and authenticity. This quest brought up as well the antithesis of truth and authenticity so that I could see it. One must, after all, explore things from many different angles and through many different viewing lenses! It is like when someone is searching for love and gets a bunch of lessons in what love is not. The experience sucks but the lessons are invaluable!

What I am most grateful for is the friend who was courageous enough to disclose this to me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have shown me your own authenticity and strength in doing this. You have shown me that I can trust you. You have shown me that you have my back, and so I also have yours!

Just be yourself. Seek your truth and your authenticity within and let small minds go by the wayside. They don't know you and never will if they spout off the way this particular woman has done. You are bigger than that. Don't let a small mind hinder your great spirit.

Blessed Be


Amber said...

Thank you! I needed this reminder :)

Trent Deerhorn said...

It brings to mind when I had to disclose to a friend that he was being used by a woman in our University class. It was scary, because I didn't know if he would simply tell me to chuck off or what. He actually thanked me for disclosing to him and took appropriate action. I wonder how long the "bros before hoes" pact has actually existed????

Festival Reporter said...

well great you get my eyes all misty...*grumble*

i tell people i am honest to the point that it is a flaw/fault.

most people sadly enough ask for the truth, but don't really want to hear the answer...or they want it sugar coated. i rarely find myself able to gloss it over, you ask me for the truth as i have seen it, that is what you get. i know there are other truths out there, so i will remind folks that it is my spin on it...being so honest may hurt at times, but i figure the hurt will be less than it could have been if years later the lie was exposed...

the idea of a witch watching a shaman's back, with the shaman watching the witch's back ye godz what fun will be had!!! either that or it sounds like a joke is somewhere in there...*laughs*

Trent Deerhorn said...

No got mine, so I have yours!