Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Zebra Medicine

Most people don't even think of zebras as having a powerful medicine. They actually do. First off, each one has its own set of stripes, much like that of a fingerprint. Amongst all the zebras in a herd, a mother and child zebra can find each other based on stripes alone, let alone scent. Zebras also have the benefit of fooling predators by sticking together. It is only when a zebra is out all by itself that it is more visible as prey to its predators. When in a group a zebra becomes part of a larger unit that then looks like one big moving animal that is much too large to attack. So some of the medicine that the zebra brings is that of group consciousness that goes hand in hand with individuality. When in balance, every voice is honoured. When out of balance the group consciousness can become mob mentality.

I have always loved zebras. There has been a strong resonance with them right from the time, as a wee boy of about 3 years of age, I saw my first Tarzan movie. I knew what horses were, but zebras?? Wow!! They have fascinated me ever since. My office chairs are zebra striped and so are some throw cushions in my family room (like the one in the photo). If it were cool for a tall white guy to wear zebra striped clothing, I would be there. Unfortunately, it is not cool at all. So I don't. I just hold zebra medicine in my heart. I actually got to pet a zebra at a zoo when I was around 19 years of age. It was so cool to just reach out and have it come up to the fence and lick my hand, then nuzzle into me through the fence. I totally loved it!

Blessed Be

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