Thursday, January 14, 2010

Your Smiling Face

When I was very young I had to learn how to smile. This did not come naturally to me. I saw others do it, but knew that when animals "smile" and bare their teeth, it is a warning. I don't remember how I knew that, I just did. So smiling was something I had to work on. Over a few years I became more comfortable with the act. Now I can definitely appreciate a beautiful smile like this one.

I have, however, also become aware of how people use smiles to hide things. They smile when they are nervous, when they are wanting you to think they like you when really they don't, and when they are conning you. Then there is what I call the "born again" smile. "Really, everything is just fine! As long as we embrace the Lawd Jeeeeeeesus as our Saviour, no matter what happens everything will be okay." (That has to be read as a very thick Southern accent to have the full effect!)

How does one know which type of smile is authentic and which is not? There are so many agendas that people can have and sometimes they themselves don't even know that they are not being authentic. I think the worst smile I ever saw came from a wee little "Goldie Locks" type of girl. She was holding a long stick in both hands and walked up to the boy I was taking care of at the time. She was smiling away and when he said hello to her she began beating him with the stick like a martial artist would do with a staff, and with just as much ruthlessness involved in her energy. Needless to say, I intervened. I wish I could say that her body will never be found, but she was only about 5 years old. She still had the potential to grow into a good person.

So smiling can be used to trick a person. Hmmmm. I think it is more important to then pay attention to the energy that is being emitted by the one who is smiling. Yes, there are visual effects in the energy system, but a lot of people misinterpret what those are and what they mean. I think it is more important to look into how we are feeling in the core. Are we nervous? Are we scared? Are we feeling safe? Are we feeling warm? Are we feeling loved and appreciated? And most important, are we feeling like there is something wrong, even though this person is smiling at us?

It is the red flags in life to which we need to pay the most attention. If we don't then we get messed up and have the "sucker punch" waiting for our faces. If only people were as straight forward as animals are! The world would be a much safer place.

Blessed Be
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