Monday, January 25, 2010


That wee little figure at the bottom of the photo is me, desperately shovelling my way out my front door! Just kidding. But Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada is not the place you want to be today. Over the weekend we have had several inches of snow and blowing snow. The transit system is all but closed, with very minimal arteries open and only running from the malls to downtown. The city crews are not able to keep up well because when they have cleared arteries the wind has immediately filled them up again, only making street clearing even slower. Sometimes Mother Nature has a strange and twisted sense of humour!

So when you have that much snow down, it makes everything s-s-s-l-l-o-o-o-w d-d-0-0-0-w-n. Seriously, when I cleared the driveway for the third time on Saturday I thought perhaps we were done. Then I woke up yesterday to discover that I could barely open my back door because of the snow bank that was formed overnight! Once the back yard was shoveled out, I went to shovel the front, but couldn't open my front gate because of, you guessed it, the other snow bank! So the shovel traveled through the inside of the house to the front door, which was just able to open for me to get out there and clear off the front step, deck and sidewalk. As I cleared the first half of the driveway I noticed that my elderly neighbours were also snowed in worse than we were, so I cleared their front walk and part of their driveway and their front step. Their nephew then showed up with a snow blower and blew out the rest of my driveway and front walk for me. Then he proceeded to finish clearing their place as well.

I think it is so cool when people band together to help each other in moments like these. The radio was reporting today the fact that people had 4X4's and Quads out and were pulling stuck cars out and helping to push people along the streets as they tried to get to work. My Love and I have decided to just stay home today. She called in to work and explained that there is no access to the bus and the one that usually goes past is not running anyway and we can't even get our car out of the garage as it is. Even if we could, I would rather not risk the fender bender that would surely ensue. My optometrist appointment will also just have to wait.

The real bummer is that I am also not able to get across town to pick up my daughter for her Dad Day with me. I will have to instead talk on the phone for a longer period of time. Then I will have to go out for what seems like the fifteenth time in three days to shovel us out again. The banks of snow are literally getting so high I am having trouble throwing the snow over and on top of them. Sheesh!

At least we have a fireplace and electricity still....oops.

Blessed Be
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Trent Deerhorn said...

For those who don't read Chinese it says:

Your blog great, I look forward to updating Oh

Anonymous said...

:) Another funny thing about all this snow is that Mother Nature sure doesn't care what economic bracket you're in, which you pointed out. I'm thinking about all those students right now depending on buses, etc to get them to school and whatnot! Yeesh, it's been a doozey! But ...on the bright side, it does look so pretty piled up so high on the lawn like that, :)and also,all the better to go tobagging in once all the streets get cleared!

Trent Deerhorn said...

Forts, caves, tunnels in a all sounds like great fun to me!