Monday, January 11, 2010


A friend of mine asked me today about if I thought it would be strange if an inner masculine energy that has to date seemed "parental" should turn "romantic"? This is more common than most people would ever think.

Here's the thing. When the masculine or feminine energies turn romantic, it simply means that it is harmonizing with the opposite pole of energies within. It is like when a guy freaks out about a sex dream about another guy. Well, it simply means that the masculine energy within is harmonizing with the feminine energy within. We all have both of those energies within us. In our western world, guys tend to freak out about dreams like that more than women do. This is probably a result of our homophobic society.

Here is the twist:

Masculine energy is also parental energy, just as feminine energy is parental energy. So when the "parental" energy turns romantic sometimes, whether one is male or female, it freaks us out! But when you look at the human psyche, it becomes quite obvious that we "marry" our mothers or fathers all the time. There is an imprint on our psyches that creates a honing device within to attract us to our parent. Sometimes it is the parent that we most get along with (I have married my mother twice now and dated her 15-20 times!) and sometimes it is the parent with whom there is the most conflict (I really can't tell you how many buddies of mine have turned out to be my father and had to be kicked to the curb!). Either way, it is an opportunity to resolve some issues.

So strange, no, but twisted, yes. It is neither good nor bane; it just is what it is! We need not hold guilt or shame or any negative emotion towards it or we risk messing up the process of sorting it all out within ourselves.

Blessed Be
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