Thursday, January 21, 2010

When You Feel Boxed In

This happens to us sometimes. We allow ourselves to get into situations where we are not open and free. We let ourselves become caged in a way. Granted, we can always get out of the box. But sometimes in the process of getting out of the box, we are also faced with the fact that this box has, sometimes for years, become as safe as it is confining.

This is when we seriously need to look at pros and cons. Really, have we ever had profound benefits from imprisonment? Even if a prison is a beautiful castle, it is still a prison. People allow themselves to think that they have freedom when, in actuality, if they really had it they would not know what to do with it.

I often do the fantasy of "If I were King..." and then fill in the blanks. Other than having stupid drivers shot on sight, most of my list of what I would do if I were king actually can be accomplished. It simply hasn't been accomplished because I have not put my energy there.

So the next question is, do I want to put my energy there, knowing that each time I invest myself into something it also serves to get me out of my cage? It all amounts to choices. When I do actually want to invest my energy, mountains move to make way for my intent and the doors of the gilded cage fly open forever. If I don't want to invest my energy then things will remain as they are until someone else feels compelled to take on the task, or until I feel it is time to take on the task. Until then, status quo is the state of the union.

At least, until such time as change is required, we can peek out of our boxes and see the potential!

Blessed Be
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