Friday, January 15, 2010

Our Natural World

The World Tree is the Axis Mundai of our psyches. The roots go deep into the earth and the uppermost branches reach far into the sky above. The trunk and base are firmly rooted in this world, but always reaching for the sun! This creates a connection for us with all the realms of Existence.

In this portrait, there is the profile of the masculine and feminine energies looking toward each other. However, it is also like looking upward from within the earth and seeing the trees reaching even further toward the sky. Deep within the earth is the serpent, the representative of the Divine Feminine, who knows all Her secrets and mysteries and guides us through the realms of the Underworld. The Goddess is depicted in the feminine shape of the shadow between the lovers' faces. Her arms reach for the Sun, the Divine Masculine, which is represented by the blue and yellow of the sky. Her arms become the upper branches of the World Tree, and the Ivy that is draped on the portrait is also indicative of the Divine Feminine and the interconnectedness with All That Is. Around her head, which is made of Aspen, are purples, lavenders and yellows, indicating the Third Eye and the various levels of consciousness that are achieved through the exercising of that chakra. These colors also create a gentle flame, the flame of Spirit that always spontaneously burns and connects us to the Creator. The Aspen Medicine that is used to create Her head reminds us to listen to the whispers in the gentle breeze as it rustles through the leaves of the trees. Listening helps us to connect with Spirit. The blue bead in the middle of Her head represents our ability to look within to find our inner answers through our connection with the Inner Wisdom Voice.

All of this also connects us to the natural world. We get freaked out when we see worms and maggots in movies, but really, they are a part of the natural world and they have purpose. They help the physical realm to decompose, compost, and rejuvenate all that is otherwise going to serve nothing and will eventually only become a pollutant in our world. We eat plants, we live, we die, worms and maggots eat us, and then what is left feeds the plants in return. It is a symbiotic relationship with the natural world, whether or not we can stomach it in the here and now. Once we realize that we will become compost and feed the world long after our deaths, then death no longer holds any power over us. Only when this happens are we truly able to live.

Blessed Be
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