Friday, December 5, 2008

Best Wishes

I am told that the symbol on this little pot is for good fortune and best wishes. Considering that I don't read this language, I will have to take that at face value. I use this pot to make my best wishes. I open it, put an offering of Nettle, Corn Meal, Birch Leaves, Fairy dust etc, into it, and I thank Spirit for the goodness that Spirit brings to me. Then I offer a prayer for those around me. Sometimes people are struggling with different things, and I figure that every little bit of assistance that I can provide would be welcome. So I ask Spirit to help them through and to help them to learn what they need to learn and to give them the strength to heal whatever they may need to heal. Then I ask Spirit to do the same for the people of the Earth. Then I ask the same for the Earth, Herself.

My wish pot is quite powerful. I was told to put my written wishes on a piece of paper and place them into the pot. I decided to discard that when I asked the pot what it wanted me to do and how I could honour it best and utilize its medicine the best. Thus, I make an herbal offering while using it. As I put the lid back onto it after the ceremony, sparks of energy emit from the bamboo and grass tassels on the lid. It is quite magical to watch, and feels great as all those good intentions and best wishes go out to those in need.

For this and other rituals and ceremonies, I am very grateful.

Blessed Be

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Gail said...

I really enjoy reading the posts you write about the special connections you have with the energies that live within what others see as inanimate, lifeless objects. It reminds me of the relationship I read about between Hank Wesselman and the stone he brought back from Hawaii. He, too, can connect with these age-old energies the same way you can. That is soooo cool!