Monday, December 8, 2008

The things we do not see

I always find the play of light and shadow fascinating. When we allow ourselves to look at something and then look in and around that thing, we often will see things that otherwise would be missed. For example, in the centre of this plant, within all the leaves, you can see the silhouette of the plant Deva that helps me work with the plants. I missed this completely until I photographed it.

So who is to say that there is not much more there that we are missing? For example, I see the energy of the plants and stones. They work very harmoniously together. They also help work with the energies of each person who visits me in my office. A scientist said to me, very excitedly, once that there was something that science has now confirmed, which is something that I told him about long ago. He was telling me as well that now it actually exists. I laughed. He wondered why I was laughing. I reminded him that I told him about the phenomenon way before science invented the machine to measure it. Then I asked him if he really believed the dogma of science to such an extent that he was willing to overlook the fact that I had told him about it before? Was he really thinking that before the machine, the phenomenon did not exist? And then I asked him if he really believed that all the other stuff that I am aware of also doesn't exist? How long will it take science to catch up with what shamans and visionaries have been telling hem all along? He wasn't sure what this all meant. Dogma. It blinds you, no matter what the carrying agent.

So I invite everyone who reads this, or who passes the message on, to look at things around them with new eyes. Do you see the spirit that is peeking in the window? Take a look. It is there. No, it is not still there, standing outside my window. I have already dealt with it. But in the photo, it shows up, very faintly, but nonetheless there. Take a look.

Blessed Be

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