Tuesday, December 9, 2008


We all need to feel supported in life. Sometimes we recognize that where we have been seeking support is now inappropriate. We then need to find other sources of support. This can be difficult when we are feeling fragile. The crystal ball that is being held up by the Goddess in this photo is in a fragile state. Our whole world can feel fragile at times. Yet it is at these times that the support system is so important. The Goddess in this photo is not about to drop the ball.

We need to have friends who will not drop the ball on us. As we surround ourselves with people who are confident enough to be there for us, we are ensuring not just our own security, but theirs as well. When I know that a friend has my back, I am also knowing that I have theirs as well. It is a beautiful and natural thing to have support and to give support. We are so often told in our culture that we should be able to "stand on our own two feet", yet we are not necessarily given the details of what that means. Often there is an assumption that to stand on our own two feet we must be autonomous from others. This would be an unnatural state of being. As a species we have learned, and have hard wired into our psyches, the fact that strength comes in numbers. Yes, we need to be individually strong, but not in a way that we must carry the weight of the world on our own shoulders when there are others on whom we could easily lean when necessary. So if that strength in numbers is true, which it is, we then need to find ways of forming our "tribe".

Looking for the things we have in common is important. Finding the bridges between us is effective. Learning how to connect in ways that are not just about belonging to the same this or the same that, but in ways that are meaningful is tantamount to finding our tribe. Most often our tribe is a mixture of people who are not necessarily family members, but who become family to us. This does not diminish our own family but enriches our relationships with family members because we are able to see them through a fresh set of eyes, having formed deep friendships with members of our tribe. Let's face it, sometimes family members don't want to see who we truly are because they have "known us all their lives and know who we are already". This allows no room for personal development and change. The members of the tribe don't have those limitations on us as they get to know us. This allows things to balance out well. Just like the ball balances upon it's perch atop the Goddess.

Blessed Be


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