Monday, December 8, 2008

Stone People

These are my stone people friends. They help me to create energy flow and promote healing. In the middle of the crystal rock garden is a Tibetan Sea Salt lamp. These lamps purify the air with negative ions. They are phenomenal. My crystal rock garden asked me (the crystals and stones talk to me, and, more importantly, I listen) to place the lamp in the middle of the garden. That way they could benefit more from the lamp as opposed to when it was beside the garden. I am amazed at the difference it has made. Within minutes, the crystals and stones were all sparkly and clean! Amazing.

It is important to listen to nature and to those beings of nature. I have mentioned that the trees speak to me. The stones and crystals do as well. As a good friend of mine says, "I have rocks in my head." They tell me when to use them and how to utilize them as I am doing the healing work. And they tell me if they want to have something special done with them, such as cleansing or smudging. They also let me know when it is time for them to move on to someone else. This gets balanced out when a new one suddenly appears in the garden, sometimes right before my eyes. Yup, they just orb in. Love it. I feel so blessed to have these beings in my life. They are such comforting friends.

Blessed Be

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Krymson said...

Trent, your wonderful stones have me wanting to tell a story about a little stone formation I had visited not too long ago. Last week I just returned from my first trip ever to Vegas. I saw the most amazing things there, one of which was the Eagle formation in the Grand Canyon. Upon seeing took my breath away. Every part of my being knew it and recognized it from many lifetimes body vibrated with it....literally. That was the spot I knew I had to let my sister's ashes go ....and it was perfect.

There I also met a man who was presenting his cd's and, upon talking with him, found out he was originally from the Dakota Nation just outside Saskatoon! What are the chances you ask? Well everything happens for a reason and what passed between us was.....unexpected yet comforting too. I had come home. This beautiful stone formation had been my home. This Earthwalker finally listened and stopped asking so many questions :p

Trent Deerhorn said...

That is such a beautiful story, Krymson. Thank you so much for sharing that. I am happy that you found the right place to let your sister's ashes go.

And isn't it interesting how we can be so far from "home" and meet someone from home? Like taking a vacation in Tahiti and finding your next door neighbour sitting at he table next to your own at the cafe.

Your connection with him is important, as is your connection with the Eagle formation.