Monday, December 1, 2008

Tummy Chuckles

Laughter is healing. It is a very important part of life and living well. When we laugh endorphins are released in our brains and the serotonin activates, which alleviates depression. And when we laugh we exercise our abdominal muscles. This can, over time, contribute to a fine six pack! Then there is the factor of extra oxygen being fed into the blood stream. That can only be a good thing.

I have at times been criticized for how much I laugh in sessions. Only those who are completely devoid of humour can criticize such a thing. I make sure that laughter is a key ingredient in each session. My coworkers have commented to me now and then about how lovely it is to hear uproarious laughter come from my office. They can't hear anything else, well, other than when I get banging on the drums, but they certainly enjoy hearing the laughter. I enjoy being able to work in a place where people appreciate such things.

So here is the thing...

Find the most twisted way to express yourself with humour. I don't care if it is light humour, dark humour, morbid humour, just use humour. Allow yourself to be a fly on the wall and see the amazing ripple effect that laughter has around you. Laughter is part of the water element. The water element is not meant to be blocked off. It is meant to flow. That is why tears can stream down the face and laughter can ripple, and sometimes simultaneously. The water element is the emotional element and emotion = e (energy) in motion!

Blessed Be

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Gail said...

One of my favourite tv shows is Funniest Home Videos. I love the practical joke ones - like the guy who hid in a large box and had his partner in crime tell an unsuspecting victim to go have a look inside... Those are the best ever!!! That'll get me laughing so hard the tears stream down my face.
I also like jokes with puns or a play on words. Like the kid with an artificial eye who asked a girl to dance. She says 'wooden eye!' and he says 'harelip!' and stalks off.