Monday, December 29, 2008

Inner Vision

We all have it. The inner vision that gives us insights. Some of us don't use it that much at all, and even convince ourselves and others that we never had it. Others use it moderately. The rest of us have it and get really good at its usage. It doesn't necessarily require the use of a crystal ball to have an inner vision. Scrying, or "seeing", is something that can be done without props. But when you have a natural gift and a prop intensifies that gift, then I say "go for it!". This crystal ball belongs to a friend of mine. She gave me the honour of holding it when I was last at her place. I was very impressed with how intensely my own inner vision was enhanced for weeks to follow.

Most often the prop I use is a dark bowl or cup of water. It allows me instant access to my inner vision and to the realms of Spirit, who speak to me in this state of trance and who give me images of events, this life or others in the past or that have yet to come. When we allow ourselves to access our inner vision, we are able to become aware of other levels of reality and information. Would we want to fly a space ship only knowing how to open the door to the craft? I don't think so. We need to train ourselves to learn all the mechanisms that are at work in order to make the craft fly and arrive at the required destination. Heck, we wouldn't even want to drive a car only knowing how to open it and get in!

The first step, however, is knowing that not only do you have the ability, but that you can indeed use it. This is the major stumbling block for most people on this earth. We have been brought up in a culture that does not accept this because it is something that the forces that be cannot control, either religiously or politically. Imagine how the White House would respond, knowing that there are some of us who don't need to have "security clearance" in order to just know stuff. Spirit has nothing to do with security clearance or with political agendas. It is pure and simple and shares all that is available. The only thing that holds us back from the information is our own fear or not wanting to know. This does not mean to say that it has to be a 24/7 bombardment of information. We can turn it off and get some rest. That is the second step. Appropriate boundaries is the third step. I don't want to know stuff that I don't need to know. So I have set up an excellent filter system. Without a good filter system, most people would go nuts very quickly. I recommend the "not nuts" approach. Stay grounded and with excellent boundaries. From there, you are then able to explore things that most people will never get a chance to do because they are too skeptical or too afraid (which may be one in the same!).

Blessed Be

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Gail said...

That is so cool! I've had two instances in the past 24 hours where my "inner vision" has surfaced.
The first occurred last night on the way home from the city. Driving on the highway, I 'looked ahead' to ensure no animals were on the road and sent out the message to them to stay off it, otherwise they might be killed by a vehicle. I caught a glimpse of a coyote trotting down the steep side of the ditch and, further along, a hare, well off the road. They heard and heeded the message I sent out ahead of me.
Today, again in the car, I 'saw' a vapour or a mist rising from the printed pages of books. I hold books in very high regard, so to see this image of the spirit of a book rising from the page to mingle with the spirit of the reader was a marvelous and inspiring sight.
This is the kind of thing you meant by "inner vision", yes?
I've tried scrying in the past, but I didn't see or intuit anything. I think I was too scared of what I might 'see', so I quit doing it.

Trent Deerhorn said...

Yes, Gail. This is part of what I meant by "inner vision." What you saw with the book is, I think, what I often access when "feeling" the contents of the book I am interested in. Suddenly the information rolls through me and becomes part of my cellular recall. I wish that I had realized the full potential of this gift when I was in University! It would have made finals so much easier to deal with. But each of us has abilities that surface whenever we are ready for them. Here's a suggestion. Sleep with the book under your pillow. It is amazing how many books I have devoured that way!