Sunday, December 7, 2008

Your Holiness

This is not just the title of some religious figurehead. This is a title to which we have a sovereign right. When we recognize our own innate Holiness, we are able to become whole.

So often in the history of our planet people have been oppressed and told that they are "less than" whatever the oppressor is. It is unfortunate that so often, after a generation or two, the oppressed peoples begin to actually believe it of themselves and begin to think that they are not worthy of anything good in life.

The kicker is that the oppressors often end up adapting their cultural values to incorporate those of the oppressed. Then they, unknowingly, adapt their ways to accommodate the ways of the people they took over, and at the same time they call the ways their own. This is why so many times the soul of the people will rise up after a few generations and make things right again. You may conquer a people, but you cannot conquer their soul.

It is time for everyone, no matter what color, creed, gender, race, or age, to stand up and admit to their personal Holiness. Once this is done, each individual must then live up to their Holiness. This allows for the Holiness to ripple forth throughout the world and create harmony and peace.

Blessed Be

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Gail said...

I hear ya! It puts me in mind of a quote - I want to say Shakespeare, although I'm not sure whether he said it first - "Oh what a tangled web we (they) weave, when first we (they) practice to deceive". I was going to ask how someone can live their entire life not knowing they're being deceived, while at the same time, their Soul has known it all along. I suppose it's because the depth and complexity of the deception speaks with a louder voice, effectively drowning out the voice of the Soul. That being said, the Soul never stops speaking to us, and we can hear Its voice, in those still, quiet moments that seem so rare these days. In my own experience, Soul speaks loudest in my dreams and whenever I zero in on a "thought" that has entered my head, along with a million others, that seems to stand out and make the most sense in relationship to an event that's occurring at any given moment in my life. Does that make sense?

Trent Deerhorn said...

Yup, it sure does.