Thursday, December 4, 2008


I have been blessed with the ability to remember my dreams in fairly impeccable detail. I also have inherited the ability to dream walk. I have written about this before, but there is just so much to communicate about this that I thought I would write a bit more.

In shamanic teachings, it is said that the dream world is the actual reality and that the world we live in here is the dream. This concept tends to mess up people who are just not connected on a spiritual level. It also fascinates those who are into the whole Matrix reality. This realm offers so much to us as a learning ground. We get to experience things like love and family, food and drink, success and disappointment, security and safety, and, my personal favorite, sex. But when we are experiencing these things we need to remember the illusion. This is a wonderful experience, and an opportunity to learn, but it is an illusion. That does not make the experience any less real. It is simply a matter of perspective.

Spirit does not invest itself too much in the illusionary aspects. This is why we sometimes will struggle with things like "If God is so great, then why did he allow this terrible thing to happen?". We like to blame God for a lot of things. And those who are afraid to blame their god tend to then blame another entity. But really, we are the ones to blame if anyone is to blame. We dream our reality.

When I was 9 years old I was very sick and had to be resuscitated. During that time, I died. This was the first of many near death experiences that I was to later have. When I died I met the man who is dreaming my life. It was an initial "first contact" experience that led to many other experiences. He is now my primary advisor, because he has already lived my life. He is dreaming the life that I am living right now. And within his dream comes great wisdom and many gifts and abilities that I would have forgotten within the illusion that we call "reality".

So when I dream walk, I am only going visiting with a particular message to deliver so that when the person awakens to this reality he or she will remember and be able to take that gift and expand their consciousness. I do not deliver personal messages. I receive the messages from Spirit in the dream and bridge the conscious connection between the person's dream state and waking state. Sometimes people know me more than they relate to spirit, so spirit utilizes my willingness to be a vessel. There are many dream walkers walking among us. Some know that they are dream walkers. Some have yet to find this within themselves. The thing is, we are all here for a reason. We are here to remind humanity of its connection to the Divine.

Blessed Be

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Gail said...

I'm sitting in front of my 'puter, composing a comment to your post and realize I can see flashes of you from past - or perhaps future - dream walks. I saw you walking through sand the texture of fine dust that rose up in clouds around you; in a raging wind storm that threatened to rip your cloak away, thread by thread. It howled and screamed all around you. I also saw you in a peaceful place, like a scene from Snow White, when all the birds and animals of the forest gathered around her - the butterflies and spiders, too. Everything is so magical in the "dream world"! I think I may have even glimpsed the one who dreamed (dreams?) your life...