Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Best Part

When we lived on an acreage, the best part of spring was the part where the "gently undulating" landscape (a term the assessor used, not me, even though you would think it was me because it sounds so sensual) melted all the snow it had gathered through the winter and became a small lake. The water went through most of the back yard, through the bushes and trees and out into the pasture. This meant, of course, a prime opportunity for rafting!

Now, I must admit that, unfortunately, I was too heavy to actually be supported by any of the rafts that were constructed over the years. I don't think that it was actually that I was overweight (or at least I hope it wasn't!) but that we couldn't build a raft long or wide enough with enough buoyancy to actually keep me afloat. I was tempted to purchase a canoe and say "To heck with it, I'm going boating!" but I never did. Why? Well, because it was just way too much fun to watch my kids and their friends do the rafting. Yes, there were many a time when someone got dumped in the drink. But that is all part of the excitement of the whole experience!

This is what being a kid is supposed to be like. Not a time where you have to pick up one responsibility after another and worry about whether or not your clothes get dirty. Just get into the oldest clothes you have and get on the raft!

Blessed Be

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Vanitha said...

What awesome "Reflections" Shaman!