Friday, April 24, 2009

The Vertical Expression

Dance is the vertical expression of the horizontal desire. When we allow ourselves to let go and dance we discover a primal force within us. This helps us to connect more intimately with our surroundings...the earth, the animals, the birds, the insects, the trees and flowers, and the people. Is it any wonder that some Western religions have banned it? To quote my Love, "I find organized religion the greatest deterrent to true or authentic connection with God." She is quite an amazing person to have that figured out at such an early age!

In Shamanic practice there is something called Trance Dance. This is utilizing dance as a means to connect with Spirit. Sometimes one dances their power animal, sometimes their fears or joys, sometimes their passions, and sometimes Deity Itself. In the process, all the energetic blockages that have been tightening up our bodies let go and release. It becomes an ecstatic experience. And yes, it can lead one to having the best sex ever. But, for those who are religious beyond belief, just remember that sex can also lead to dance! A very dangerous thing indeed!

When we release the blockages it frees up our energy fields for other, more life giving things. Sex is just one of those life giving things. Once clear, we are able to dedicate our time to those things that fulfill us. We follow our creative flow and discover that we are really good at stuff that we never allowed ourselves to explore, either in terms of time or in terms of believing that we actually could. Suddenly our world changes into a vibrant place that is full of life's potential. And it is not even that the world itself has changed. It is more that we have changed and are now reawakening to what was already there. So go ahead everyone! Shake that bootie!

Blessed Be

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Anonymous said...

Well said, on so many levels. I love dancing but don't do it nearly enough. I suppose my fondness for dancing is one reason mainstream religion has never been able to satisfy!

Vanitha said...

Being involved in dance and a ballroom dance instructor for nearly 20 years, I must agree with "sex can also lead to dance" as so many are dragged to class by their partners but find they also enjoy it. Sometimes they are preparing for their upcoming wedding - yes, "A very dangerous thing indeed!"
Riverwolf, I encourage you to DANCE anytime, all the time, through life, to the beat of your own drummer! You already know this!