Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Many Faces

When you look at this picture, how many faces can you see? I see quite a few. But then, I was trained for years to see what was not immediately visible to the naked eye. I find that natural rock formations are incredible in what they reveal to us. Legend has it that the stone people are part of the bones of Mother Earth. They are also, according to legend, able to hold the history of everything that they have witnessed over many millennia. Some say that they also are able to transform themselves into statues of beings that they have seen or with whom they have interacted. Considering how many faces I see and how many partial bodies I see there, it is pretty easy to believe that part of the legend.

The question that I always have is....why? What makes them able to do this and why would they want to? Is this part of their process of the storage of information? Or is it also a curse of some sort that they carry with them? Or are we all crazy for seeing these things in rock formations? Nope. I had to ask that one, but the answer is no. The straight jackets are still not on, and this is good. So feel free to allow yourself to explore what you can see. I dare you! I double dare you!

Blessed Be

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Penny said...

If our souls store what has happened to them forever why not rock formations? If we can see forms in clouds why not rock formations? The pattern in my lino reminds me of many different things when I look at it in different lights - right now I have found a genie coming out of an urn.
For my information - when no one comments on your blog do you eat chocolate like we do when you are too busy to send messages?

Trent Deerhorn said...

Just between you an me, Penny, (har! har!) I don't need the chocolate to keep me occupied while I patiently wait. I have something much more enticing to help me keep my head on straight!

Anonymous said...

I do wonder why we "see" such things and whether it's just our brain wiring or whether it's something more. The latter is certainly much more interesting and fun!

I once "saw" my wolf spirit guide while riding my motorcycle, off by the roadside at the edge of some trees. I know it must have been just the shape of the branches and leaves, but it was quite clearly a wolf! But rather than worry about the reality of it, I try to take these things as subconscious reminders, mental notes about where I need to focus.

At least until they put me in the straightjacket!