Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Interwoven Nature of Things

It is amazing to me how connected I feel with nature, yet how annoying parts of nature can be. For example, I love birds. I find them to be fascinating creatures. I have even kept birds in my home and thoroughly enjoyed them. When living in a high rise apartment overlooking the river, however, one soon discovers how incredibly loud water birds can be. Sea gulls and Canada Geese are community oriented. Well, oriented to their own community, not that of the human community around them. Needless to say, during the spring and autumn when migration is happening, the noise level gets pretty much unbearable.

I have, over the last 2 nights, finally had the pleasure of silence at night. It is amazing, in a new home, to discover delightful things like quiet nights. The clock radio starts in the morning and you realize that, hey, you haven't even woken up to go to the washroom! When you closed your eyes it was dark outside, now it is light. And you actually had to be awakened by the clock, as opposed to waking up before the clock! It is amazing to me what a rested state can do for you.

It is also amazing to me how interwoven things can be. One can love birds and thoroughly enjoy them, and at the same time have a ripple effect of birds=no sleep=fatigue=stress=poor health. There is also the weave of no birds=excellent sleep=energy=excellent health. This is how things can weave together in ways that create harmony or not. The weave can sometimes get tangled, but then can get disentangled and flow very well. No matter what the weave is, it can be changed by choice. My most recent choice was to move house to, amongst other things, disentangle from the racket that the natural world was creating. Now I can enjoy a peaceful neighbourhood and a peaceful yard, and a peaceful night's sleep. You gotta love that!

Blessed Be

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Anonymous said...

So important that you can recognize the tension in all this. Not all good or all bad but different in various situations. Very wise!

Now if I could just find a way to enjoy that sneaky groundhog while resisting the urge to hunt him down and keep him out of my garden!

Gail said...

Riverwolf - I've found that merely observing a groundhog- or any other creature in the Universe - gives me insights into what sustains them and what sustains me. Their medicine is invaluable in our lives. Without it, we, as as well as the creature (teacher) we are observing, miss out on an opportunity to acknowledge the connection we have with All.

Anonymous said...

Gail, you're right of course--I need that reminder while the groundhog lies in wait for me to plant some tasty leafy veggies! But I will continue observing and learning...