Saturday, April 18, 2009

Just Breathe

Breath is Mana. Breath is the energy flow that moves through the body and attunes us with the subtle energies of the world and the universe. When Dolphin was having struggles breathing under water, it was Grandmother Moon who taught her to breathe properly and how to allow the breath to move through her as the waves ebb and flow with the tide. She taught Dolphin how to allow the energy to move through her so that she could survive the deepest experiences of the soul and how to burst from the depths in joyous dance. Now Dolphin is able to dance and play and live very comfortably in the water. She has become a guardian of humans, her close relations, when they are in the water as well. For humans sometimes still need to learn how to breathe. She also flows with the phases of the moon, as do the tides. She inspires humans to honor Grandmother Moon in her many phases and to celebrate with ceremony and dance. All we need to do is breathe.

Blessed Be

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