Friday, September 24, 2010

Dress For Success

I don't know if this is exactly what they meant by that, but I like the twist. In fact, I remember "borrowing" one of my father's ties like this one once to go to a party. I would have been somewhere between 18 and 22 and not that far off from the build that this model guy has. Yup, you guessed it...eventually that was all I was wearing on top. It went over great with the girls at the party. It made some of the guys angry. I think they were just jealous because I could "pull it off" where they wouldn't have the guts.

Yes, I returned the tie...once I finally found it a week later. I won't go into where I found it. We are told so often that dressing for success means to don a tie. At least that is what it means for men. I hate ties. I do own some that I wear now and then at a ballroom dance or something, but if I can get away with not wearing one, all the better. Socks fall into the same category. I hate feeling constricted or like I can't breathe. I think I breathe through my feet, because I can only handle socks for an extremely short period of time and then they have gotta come off! I think that if I were living in a warmer climate, I would likely be a nudist. I love being naked and yet our climate is too cold for that on a regular basis. So I wear some kinda loin cloth or large scarf (usually around my waist) for when I am hangin' around the house (no pun intended!) and do my relaxing or housework or whatever. My Love enjoys it, so long as I am not flashing the neighbours.

You may think that this is way too much information....but really it is a cautionary note. Don't just "drop by" because you never know..... Or perhaps you may want to park across the street with some binoculars! Whatever strikes your fancy I guess. We do keep our blinds closed in the evening though.

As for success....I am successful. I don't need to be in a monkey suit to do that. Heck I could even be successful if all I wore was a kilt!

Blessed Be
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