Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Sun's Flare

Okay, so it is a celestial event and the photo is courtesy of Space Weather News. I think that it is totally cool that we can catch a glimpse of this stuff and not have be right where it is 10 Billion degrees. It turns out that this photo caught something else as well.....can you see it? Look at the bottom right hand tip of the flare. And then look at the left hand base of the flare. Let me know what you see....

This is our sun's flare. If I had a son I would hope that he would have just as much flare about him. People often think of this flare thing as a detriment when it comes to boys and men. It is, however, the flare in the personality that expresses creative genius. I would have appreciated it so much more if my father had shown the least bit of interest in, say, my artistic flare. Instead he ignored my art and tolerated my music and, if he showed up, was bored to death at any play or musical I was in. Whah! Whah! Whah!

Who cares? I know I did when I was a kid, but I learned to live with his redneck ways and simply continued to pursue the arts regardless of his beliefs or attitudes. Sometimes what really makes a man is his being able to do what he is driven to do regardless of his own father's disdain. I am not saying that I am who I am because of him. That would give him way too much credit. I am, however, who I am despite his influences. We all have a choice as to who we are and in what we have interest. How we express ourselves develops as a result of the choices we make and the passions that we pursue.

So, my faithful readers....GO NUCLEAR! Create a flare for life itself! Allow yourselves to express your creative flare no matter what it is or what it is about!

Blessed Be
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Gail said...

I see lots of things - a Being's profile on the left side of the flare as it sweeps upwards and away from the Sun; a Being who looks like it could be an Angel and another Being who 'feels' male, situated in the topmost parts of the flare, where it darkens and looks like a pair of black eyes peering between them. The brightest spot of the flare, where the Sun's surface has been broken open, looks like an animal with its mouth open to take its first breath after being born. The ripples of varying shades of yellow, orange and red around this put me in mind of a butterfly. I also see a male Being, standing upright and admiring something he's holding in his hand. On the left side of the column I see a face in profile, mouth wide open in a scream. Lastly, I see a forearm and the glove covering its hand being torn away by the force of the action of breaching the Sun's surface. A monumental effort that we are privy to on such rare occasions as this, when they are frozen in time by a digital imaging system and then posted on your blog.
I love photos like these!

Gail said...

Spill it, Shaman - What do you see in the photo?