Sunday, September 26, 2010

Seeing Eye 2 Eye

We don't always see eye to eye. Most of us go through life wondering if we are aliens because no one else seems to view the world with the same set of lenses that we do. When we finally discover that there is indeed someone else who agrees, it becomes one of the most happy and, in fact, intimate moments that we will experience.

There is something to be said for having your "tribe". People who understand you and who acknowledge you for who you are turn out to be the greatest treasures in our lives. The fact that we can do the same for them in return makes us treasures in their lives as well. But how do we get there?

In order to even discover who these other members of our tribe are, we have to begin with the assumption of trust. For those of us who have been burned repeatedly, that trust is a difficult thing to start with. I have struggled with that for most of my life and decided that I need to trust myself and my instincts. If my intuition is telling me not to trust a person, then I distance quickly. But if it is telling me that this person is worthy of my trust, that is where I begin. We have been taught through our culture and experiences that we can't trust our intuitive processes, but we actually can. So when I get the green light with someone, I will trust them. Now, they do have to live up to that trust, and, with a few minor exceptions, they usually do. It is amazing to me that people will naturally want to live up to our trust levels. At the same time, if we don't trust them they will also live up to that. I really don't think that this has to do with us "creating our experiential reality" with those folks. I think that they simply turn out to be who we "knew" they would because of our ability to listen to our intuition.Second chances? Depending on the circumstances, I believe in them. I know I would certainly want a second chance if I somehow screwed up and lost someone's trust. But after that, there are no third chances.

I have the pleasure of having very good friends in 3 fabulous women with whom I used to work. Our work situations have all gone in different directions, but we still get together once a month for dinner and a visit. I feel blessed to have these people in my life. We laugh so hard we cry and allow ourselves to share on much deeper levels than is often experienced in friendships. We professionally support each other and personally care very deeply for each other. I consider these women to be part of my soul family. I am incredibly grateful for their presence in my life and look forward to years of dinners and birthday parties and such.

We see eye to eye in that we have a much more holistic view of life and the world. But we don't have to agree on absolutely everything either. Sometimes we can have completely different views on things, but also appreciate the sharing of different perspectives. I think that is what helps us all to grow. Being open to new thoughts and ideas helps to create a more encompassing understanding, even if it is something that is just not for us or challenges our paradigms. Besides, it keeps the conversations highly entertaining!

Blessed Be
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