Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Sounds of Autumn

This morning while driving my Love to work, I heard, above the din of morning crush hour traffic and the stereo and rolled up windows, the sound of Canada Geese migrating. I immediately shut off the stereo and cracked open the window. I love that sound, which my Love could still not hear past the traffic noise, because it means that Autumn is here. In the Spring it is a welcome sound as well. But why do I love Autumn?

Well, mostly it is the colors. We got deprived of that last autumn. The leaves never had a chance to turn before it froze. This year our city is a myriad of gorgeous colors. I also like the smells of autumn. I know, it is the smell of rot. but it is so sweet. Then there is the sound of the geese. I love that.

When we lived in a downtown high rise along the river, it was not so special as we heard it day and night from spring to winter. But when you don't have that feeling of "For the love of God, could you all just shut up?!" in the middle of the day/middle of the night/middle of the morning/middle of the evening, then it is quite spectacular! I also like the fact that what is approaching is the Pagan New Year, Samhain. We are having a costume drum circle on the 30th of October to celebrate and I am getting so much stuff in my garage, thanks to a good electrician friend of mine, upgraded so that we have heat and better lighting. Now I just have to see about curtaining off the clutter stuff.

So anyway, the sound of the migrating geese was one that just fed my soul this morning. I hope you all get an opportunity to experience something today that will feed your soul.

Blessed Be
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Vanitha said...

I love the colours of this season and with the autumn sun on the trees, it is particularly spectacular! That feeds my soul.