Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Get Me Off This Pedestal!

It doesn't look very comfortable, does it? Well, it isn't. I don't put others on pedestals. But what I really don't like is when people try to put me on one. I find it is the most uncomfortable thing going. Mostly, what it says to me is that the other person who is doing this to me really doesn't know me well at all. He or she is also not honoring his or her own fabulous self. Instead the person is deifying me an putting all the responsibility for his or her own life in my hands. Screw that!

I can't stand being on a pedestal. People! I am just a guy. I breathe, and my heart beats just like everyone else's. I sweat and I fart and burp, just like any other biological system. Most often when people do this to me it is because they have not done their own self work. So yes, words that escape my lips will seem like they are the wisdom of the Gods! My insights will seem like I am seeing into their souls. Really, it is just that I have been around the block....a few times....okay, more than a few, but who's counting?

With age (I got that!) and experience (hey, I got that too!) comes wisdom. It is as simple as that. Some of us are also born with a bit of it. From the mouths of babes come the most profound wisdoms of them all! No, I don't mean the babes on the street corner or in the office space! Sheesh! I am talking about the little ones, the young ones, the children of the earth. They are our greatest teachers! Just because they are small does not disqualify their wisdom. They have just arrived on the scene this time around, but they have also been around the block a time or two and have been closer to the Light more recently than the rest of us.

So what does a person do when someone has put them on a pedestal? Well, I tend to kick it out from under myself pretty quickly. Then I let out a long and horribly smelling fart. Then I laugh out loud. I may even snort. I have my faults. I am not perfect and I have made many mistakes along the way. I am trying to be a better man today than the one I was last week. It is a journey. It is a difficult enough journey to take without someone putting the pressure on me by putting me up on a pedestal. Every journey does, however, begin with one step. I figure that if a journey were to take one hundred steps, and I am able to take the first step, then I can very likely take the other 99 as well. I'm in. So watch out world! Here I come and I am gonna be even better than I was last week!

Blessed Be
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Gail said...

I can see you now, walking forcefully down graffitti-strewn alleys a la Rick Mercer, setting the record straight and demanding that you be heard, dammit! Farting and burping relieves the pressure, adds comic relief and serves to 'burst the bubble' (pun intended) of who you are in the minds of those who will 'pedestalize' you; that is, after the green cloud lifts, their eyes stop watering and their breathing returns to normal...
You crack me up!