Thursday, September 23, 2010

Have Faith

When I was young and in my teens, I was a kid with a lot of weight on his shoulders. It is not easy being a peace keeper in a dysfunctional family. I spent a lot of time escaping into alternate realities so that I could just cope with the stress of it all. For the longest time I thought that these alternate realities were just fantasy. Turns out....they weren't.

If I had not opened my mind to these alternate realities I would not have connected with Spirit, with my Totem Animals, with my ability to journey and to dream walk. These abilities later in life have become something that has allowed me to assist people and to help them to heal. What once felt like a weight on my shoulders has now become something that is liberating not just for myself but for many of my people. Now people have faith in me. They know that I will keep it real and that I will help them to heal. I try every day to live up to that. I don't see it as an expectation because I don't do it for them as much as I help them to do it for themselves. Those who want someone to just come in and "fix it" are disappointed and some of them learn to utilize my expertize to learn to do it themselves. Others fade away because I am not the one for them. I won't allow them to give up their personal responsibility in their healing and I won't allow them to put me on a pedestal. Healing is work. Have faith that, with a little assistance here and there, you can do it. But the point is that it is you that is doing it. Not anyone else. Have faith.

Blessed Be
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Vanitha said...

YES! There have been days, too many at times, where all I had was my faith to keep me choosing life! It is an amazing journey with so much JOY as a reward for keeping the faith!

Anonymous said...

I love Vanitha's comment!

YES! People need to believe that it does gets better... as long as they want it to. With assistance from Trent, healing can sometimes happen quickly but the thing to remember is that you are truly the caretaker for how fast or how long it takes to be able to heal and move forward. Trent is there to guide you on the right path,or remove those toxic blockages that are preventing you from getting there...all the while saturating you in beautiful healing energy as a medicine to help you on your healing journey. With that being said, it is really up to us to do the work of truly...letting go. It just wouldn't make sense if Trent did all the work. Just the same as it wouldn't make sense if we could go to the doctor expecting him to do take away every disease with his tools and forms of medicines. We can not expect them to be our repairmen. We have to participate in a huge chunk of the work :)

Choose life people! There is so much to live for!