Sunday, February 3, 2008

Accepting the Goddess within, even if you are Male

One of the most challenging things I encounter as a shaman is helping men to embrace their feminine energy. Our Western culture does not exactly promote this concept and, in fact, often scorns it. Is it any wonder that there is so much male energy all screwed up??

Sometimes what helps is to talk about how we all have a biological mother and father, and that, even if we don't know who they are, we have a piece of each of them within our DNA. So most guys get that. Then I bridge the concept to energy and Divinity. I explain that there is a feminine aspect to God (called the Goddess) and that she is our Divine Mother as much as he is our Divine Father. Thus we energetically and spiritually have some of each within the makeup of our spirits.

I think the most difficulty that men have after accepting that concept is knowing that it doesn't make them gay or anything like that. But this requires myth busting and more education. The feminine energy is simply our receptive aspects. The masculine is simply our active aspects. So when they work in tandem with one another, we get a balanced and harmonious way of working within our world. We begin to notice all of nature around us. We begin to notice when people around us are saying one thing and demonstrating something that is inconsistent with what they have just said. We develop our "intuitive" aspects as a partner for our "reasonable" aspects. Logic and reason need to certainly be there. We have, as a culture, however, deified logic and reason to the point of becoming quite closed to the authenticity that gets established with the infusion of intuition. It seems to be one thing for a cop to have an "instinct" but quite another for a man to simply "know" or "intuit" something. Talk about smashing the psyche in half while giving completely contradictory messages!

With some encouragement, most men find that it becomes very easy to embrace the "Goddess" within. They are able to do so without becoming less male. In fact, they become more desirable as a male to the women around them because they are more connected to their inner feminine energies. The reason for this? Well, on a universal level it is not really opposites that attract. It is like that attracts like. I remember my father telling me that he fell in love with my mother because she was the only woman who would stand up to him and tell him off. She was connected with her inner masculine energies and able to take action when it was needed. He liked that. So it was a case of like attracting like. A couple of months later I asked my mother what attracted her to my father. She said it was his gentle nature that, although it would not necessarily come out on a daily basis, made her feel comfortable and safe. Like attracts like.

So even though a guy may be a natural "alpha" male, he can also be in harmony with his feminine energy. He will find that he does indeed become more approachable and therefore more liked by the women around him. The men around him will sometimes struggle with that, but this is only because of their own insecurities. Men who are harmonious with their feminine energy are not threatened by others who are also connected with their own feminine energy. They just become more harmonious with each other. Could this be a solution to finding world peace?

Blessed Be


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