Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Awakening from Within

Every now and then in our lives we discover that there is a part of us that is asleep. Not only is it asleep, but it has basically been in a coma for YEARS! Once we discover this we have to make a we leave it sleep? After all, we have all heard that expression,"Let sleeping dogs lie," or do we gently nudge it and hope that it wakes up? And if it does wake up, then what do we do with it?

Coming from personal experience, I can honestly say that, although it is a much scarier path, it is far better to wake up. You see, when there is a part of us that is constantly asleep there is so much that we miss out on in life. How can we attend a party if we sleep through it? How can we attend a wedding if we are in snore mode? How can we live, laugh and play if we are unconscious?

Waking up those parts of ourselves can also be as adventuresome as it is scary. We experience new and wonderful sensations in our bodies and we actually see the terrain before us with refreshed eyes that behold the world with a sense of wonder and excitement. The thrill of this experience far surpasses any fear based issues that we may have been trying to sleep through in the first place. And the next thing we know, we have discovered passions that we hardly remembered ever having. So although you might not want to "go to school" when you wake up, you can always know that life is the school and we can declare summer holidays any time we want!

Do you hear that? Not only is the clock ticking, but the alarm just went off! Wakey, wakey!

Blessed Be


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