Sunday, February 17, 2008

Praying Rain

The other day I was watching the DVD You Can Heal Your Life by Louise L. Hay. In it there was a story about a Pueblo Indian man who "prayed rain". He would not pray for rain, he would simply pray rain. This meant feeling in his heart the rain falling upon his body and soaking the earth under his bare feet. My wife asked me if this made sense and, of course, the answer was yes.

This is the way of the shaman. We tend to live in the present moment. So if the earth needs rain, we bring the rain into a very real feeling within us and this is the prayer that the Spirits hear, so this is what they provide. When we think about this it makes total sense. the Spirit world is very literal in many ways. So if we are constantly affirming that we want more money, then the Spirit world supports that we want more money. And so we go on wanting and not achieving that goal and wondering why it isn't working. If, however, we completely bring into our hearts the feeling of having total abundance and having all our financial needs met and more, then this is what the Spirit world honors and, lo and behold, our financial needs are met and more.

When I do healing work for someone, in person or long distance, I pray wellness. I don't focus on what the "problem" is within their bodies, emotions, minds or spirits. I focus my energy on their wellness. This might look one way to me and another way to them, but Spirit hears my prayer and understands that the blueprint for their wellness is divinely ingrained in their DNA and that it is now activated. This is why people get well. This really is the only way people get well. We can have as much intervention as we can possibly get from modern medicine and healers, but until we personally work on our insides we will only know the fear that is involved in that illness. As we pray wellness for ourselves and others, wellness occurs. As we pray joy for ourselves and others, joy occurs. As we pray peace and love for ourselves and others, peace and love occurs. It really is that simple. What will you pray today?

Blessed Be


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