Friday, February 1, 2008


I have no trouble whatsoever falling asleep. I often say that I get paid for only a fraction of the work that I actually do, because my dream time is extremely busy helping others along the way in their dream time. I am a Dream Walker. I send healing energies, deliver messages, create harmony throughout the universe and all that stuff. All in a night's work. It sometimes amazes me that I can actually wake up and feel refreshed. And whenever I don't then I ask that there be another volunteer the following night so that I can just regenerate my batteries. Always works for me. My wife counts me down from 10. She usually gets to 7 and I am snoring.

This frustrates her tremendously. She not only has trouble falling asleep (something to which I cannot relate) but she also wakes up in the middle of the night and can't get back to sleep. No wonder some mornings she is a wee bit crusty! If I ever experience that, then I am sure that I would be a complete bear in the morning.

She found a "Healthy Sleep" CD that she now listens to. We were talking in bed last night and she said that she was going to put her CD on now. I asked why she still needs it? After all, I was sure that by now she had found her "position" where her body felt relaxed and supported. That is what the CD said to do. She informed me that there was a LOT more to the process than that. This came as a surprise to me, because any time I listened to the CD all I heard was to "Find your position where your body feels relaxed and supported..." and I was then snoring.

Apparently there is much more to this, but every time I have tried to pay attention to the rest I simply miss it. It is like someone has pressed the button for CD Slipstream and I am then suddenly boosted off into the Alpha Quadrant of the Universe. For heaven's sake, what else could there be? I have yet to find out because, try as I might to stay awake to listen, I just can't. So perhaps I do have a sleep disorder, only one that is opposite the one my wife has. Perhaps I should be considering whether or not I should operate a moving vehicle! And maybe this CD really does work! I know I won't be listening to it while driving down the road.

In the meantime, I do know that there are a lot of stress disorders that are directly related to lack of sleep. That part scares me a bit when it comes to my wife's health. I continue to do Energy Balancing treatments for her and also encourage her to take a nap now and then so that she can balance out her sleep. Even if she does lie down, she very rarely naps. I say to just lay there till you drool. That way you know you are at least relaxed. Then perhaps when it comes time for the night time sleep, one will have an easier time getting there, having already prepped the body for the transition.

Sweet Dreams everyone!



Vanitha said...

Feb 4/08:
This entry made me chuckle. It comes to me on a morning I awoke feeling rather tired yet energized! I have a vivid and joyous fantasy world and spent much of the night indulging in it. I was quite surprised to find myself still awake at 4:30am! Hence the physically tired, yet spiritually energized feelings!
How lucky for you to be able to fall asleep in such short order and how unfortunate for the loved one who sleeps with you! But I must agree, you get paid only for a fraction of what you do, “Dream Walker”. Though I don’t recall my dreams any longer I would like to thank you for what you do when you “send healing energies, deliver messages, create harmony throughout the universe and all that stuff.” I benefit greatly from your “stuff” and commitment to your clients.

Dream on,

Krymson said...

I too have a very active dream time and sometimes I wake too soon and don't want it to be over. There are still things to be done and messages to be relayed. Many of those are for me as well. Deciphering them in my waking time lends mystery and challenge and gives the gift of a little of that dream time during my "work" day. And yes, sometimes the dreams are solely for entertainment value. But in my twisted "Weaveworld" (book by Clive Barker) like dreamscape, sometimes its difficult to tell them apart!

Now Trent, I'm a little confused about your reference to being a complete bear just in the morning. Are you not a complete Bear all the time? Mwahaha!


Trent Deerhorn said...

You are most welcome, Vanitha. And to be honest, there are some dreams that I really would rather not have to walk in upon. But then, the messages would not get through.

Blessed Be


Trent Deerhorn said...

Yes, Krymson, I suppose you are right. I do have strong Bear medicine flowing through me. But most of the time the bear is cute and cuddly. With lack of hibernation and regeneration, I come out of the cave tired, hungry and quite grumpy. There it is. The world can now know.

Blessed Be