Saturday, February 23, 2008

Lunar Eclipse

The other night was a Lunar Eclipse. This one did something quite strange. The shadow of the earth seemed to come in from the left and then, instead of leaving on the right, went upward, creating a "horned moon". The horned moon to the ancients was an ultimate symbol of the Goddess energies. The Goddess is often depicted with a crown that has a crescent moon on its side, with the points going upward, much like the horns on a cow. This is also partly why cows and goats have been associated with witchcraft. That and the fact that it was usually women who tended to them.

But herds of animals have another commonality with the Goddess consciousness and the female psyche. The Goddess consciousness has a lot to do with the mass consciousness. You won't find many groups of men in one location who are communicating from the heart center. But this is a common factor in many groups of women. Why is this? Well, the Goddess consciousness connects all and binds all. It is the essence of Love. So it becomes safe to open up and to really connect when there is the Light of Love shining upon you. This is also known as herd consciousness. This is different from mob mentality, which can be very destructive. With herd consciousness each member of the herd looks out for all others and knows they are also having their backs covered in return.

The horned moon just may have been a signal to all of humanity to begin, once again, the process of honoring the group consciousness and putting aside individual agendas. This is, after all, the best way to achieve balance and harmony. Mix into that soup of consciousness the spice of compassion and suddenly we could experience an entire new way of being in the world!

Blessed Be



BJ said...

It is very interesting how animals behave. We all can learn from them what a family unit means or honoring group consciousness, how to have compassion,love and respect for one another. i guess as energy workers we all need to stay connected and keep sending out the compassion, watch for the ripplies and pray for the best. Hope fully we can change one agend at a time

Trent Deerhorn said...

So true, Bonnie!