Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Sombody Move That Wall!

Today, in our process of simplifying our lives, my wife and I moved a complete dining room set out to her father's house, and brought back a simple table and chairs from his place. A fair energy exchange, considering that he was the one who built the dining set in the first place. This is part of claiming our home as our own, which has been 5 years in the making since purchasing it from her father.

Now, I have to say right up front, this did not occur without some blood, sweat and tears, and a bit of cussing along the way. You see, the table was, shall we say, a monster to get through the front door. After dismantling the screen door in sub zero weather, the sucker still would not get through. I was this close to taking the door frame off when I remembered movers helping my family move as a kid. They were trying to get a box spring mattress around a tight corner and got stuck. Somebody said, "Would someone please move this wall?" Everyone cracked up. Then I spoke up and said, "If you stand it on end, you just might make it around that corner. Soon the mattress was backed up, flipped on end, and alacazam! It made it through.

So what do I do? I turn the table upside down and try to figure out how to dismantle it. I end up phoning my father-in-law to find out what screws should be attacked first as there are a lot and it is a complicated design. He assures me that they got it in the house without having to dismantle it. I am at this point not so sure he is remembering correctly. I am in fact still thinking about taking apart the door jam as well. Then he phones me back a minute after hanging up and says, "I am sure if you stand it on end and put the feet out first then turn it, it will get through the door." A complete flashback to 1971 and the movers goes through my mind again. Why did I not just think of that when remembering it the first time? And indeed it worked!

Sometimes in life we have walls to help hold up our houses. But some walls are only there in our perceptions. Once we change the way we look at it, what we see also changes. I think it was Dr. Wayne Dyer who said that. I would agree. I think that this is also true of walls in relationships. If we change the way we perceive a person, our relationship with that person can also have opportunity to change.

Blessed Be



Vanitha said...

Feb 6/08:

It truly is amazing even after years of tearing walls down, brick, by stubborn brick, just a few minor incidents can have them back up in a flash. But the dismantling is not wasted if we recognize the “flash re-building” of unnecessary walls and allow ourselves to release them. I’ve had recent opportunities to do just that and I thank the many beautiful members of my “soul family”.
The exact quote by Dr. Wayne Dyer, which I used at the bottom of my email signature all last year, is “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”
Love it! And by the end of the year I really “moved up” in the world and have a fabulous new perspective on life!

Krymson said...

Now when you're done with your house will you come to mine and do the same? ;) I have some walls I'd liked moved ...oh and some carpet thats gotta go! Do you do laminate?


Gail said...

My family moved alot when I was growing up. My dad was in the military. I never looked forward to them, but you do what you hafta do...
On the subject of dismantling walls, all I want to know is, why do we hafta do it with such teeny hammers? Where are the stinkin' 50-lb sledges?

Trent Deerhorn said...

Hey there, Gail,

Can you wield a 50lb sledge????