Monday, February 11, 2008

Crafty and Wise

My eldest daughter, bless her heart, likes to tease me about getting away with things. Innocent things, of course, but she likes to poke fun at dear old dad. I tell her that what she has in youth and vitality I posses in old age and treachery...and I know she has to sleep some time. Her response is that statistically speaking, women outlive men, and that considering the VAST age difference, she won't be worrying about losing much sleep. You gotta love a kid who can think on her feet.

My grandmother and my mother were both very crafty and wise. They had the ability to see into the deepest aspects of one's being and determine if what the person was telling them was true, false, partially true, or whatever. They would also communicate in ways that would turn phrases all around and have a person divulging more about themselves and their intent than the person ever thought he or she did. I hope I have a smidge of that ability myself. In my own crafty and wise way, of course. So I think that the whole "thinking on her feet" thing is something that my daughter comes by naturally.

Part of that is also knowing how to become an adaptogen. I heard that. "What the heck is an adaptogen???" An adaptogen is an ability to energetically meet the needs of the moment. For example, Lavender is an herbal adaptogen. Mist your bed sheets with lavender water a half hour before bed and you will have the deepest and most relaxing sleep you have had in a very long time. This is because it adapts to the needs of your energy in the moment. Part of thinking on your feet has to do with flowing with the need and also with perceiving what is actually going on around you in the moment. Try this sometime. Stand on a street corner and don't blink for about 5 minutes. This is more difficult that it sounds. But often when we blink we miss something. In that 5 minutes you will be surprised what all you see for the first time. A mentor of mine once had me do that while I was talking with him. After 5 minutes my eyes were sore. He asked me how many navy jackets with white stripes down the sleeves I had seen in that amount of time. I told him six. He said only 5 passed in front of me. I reminded him that the sixth one joined the group behind me after they had passed. He smiled. With your eyes wide open, you actually do have eyes in the back of your head.

As we perceive more around us, we are able to respond to what we perceive. Then we go with the flow more easily than we did before. Allowing the senses to awaken after their long sleep can be exhilarating and fun, and for some it can also be scary. But the more we allow ourselves to awaken, on whatever level we choose, the easier and more fulfilling life can become.

Blessed Be



Krymson said...

Ok, did you purposefully post that at 11:11 pm? ;) How perfectly divine! Crafty & Wise indeed.

It seems to me I've heard some of this somewhere before, methinks. My only question about this adaptogen ability do we transmute the negative energy into something positive when we are forced into adapting to a situation we don't want to necessarily be in?


Trent Deerhorn said...

Hi Krymson,

An adaptogen energy is not about adapting to disharmonious situations or circumstances. It is about adapting the surrounding energy so that harmony and peace and love can be established. Depending on the amount of toxic energies involved, it may take a bit longer to do.

Transmutation is the skill of learning from the toxic situations and circumstances in terms of how we got there, what we have gleaned from it, is there more to learn, how do we move on and what can we share from the experience so that others can also learn from it? A lot of questions, and these are only a few. As we gather our own medicines it does become easier because we then have something of a reference point.

Hope that helps.

Blessed Be


Gail said...

Youth and vitality vs old age and treachery - what a hoot!!
Your mother and grandmother sound like women I would love to meet and learn from. But wait - you are here, a direct connection between the two and an heir to these amazing gifts - so yes, I've already met and learned from them.
"To Infinity and Beyond!"

Trent Deerhorn said...

Hi Gail,

You can now choose Warp Drive or Slip Stream. You pick!