Friday, February 8, 2008

The Cosmic Garden

In a single gaze, we should see the whole cosmic garden:
in a single breath, feel it
in a single listen, hear it
in a single mouthful, taste it
and through our body alone, touch it.

Master Taisen Deshimaru

This quote I found in my book Awakenings: Asian Wisdom for Every Day. The photo beside the quote is of a boy in Cambodia, riding a bicycle that is 5 times too big for his little body, going really fast down a slope along a road. The background is a blur of trees, and the wheels are spinning so fast you cannot see the spokes. He is sitting on the bar, because his little legs won't reach the pedals if he is on the seat. His smile goes from ear to ear and there is such exhilaration in his eyes that you can tell his heart is beating a mile a minute.

This is the sense of adventure I like to embrace in my life. Not that I am an adrenaline junky or anything, but there is nothing like the unknown to make the blood pump through the veins. I love it. I love things that take my breath away. I feel music, even in the song of birds, feed my soul. I love when the juice of an apple bursts into my mouth, and I relish in the feeling that comes over me with a simple caress. These are the simply, yet very Holy things that connect us to each other and the cosmic garden on a deep soul level. My daughter asked me once why I would, as I walked through the yard, reach out and brush my hand across the branches of the bushes. I said that it is because they love to be touched and I love to be touched, and seeing as how I am the only one who can reach out, I will do so. Feeling their leaves gently slip through or across my palm connects me with them. The communication is very deep and very affectionate. I think that this is why the trees and shrubs talk to me. Because I am willing to reach out and touch the cosmic garden. And when I touch them and communicate, I can feel the communication come to me from the stars as well. It truly is all one. If we breathe it in, it is always available to us.

May you experience the deep soul communion with the Cosmic Garden

Blessed Be



Krymson said...

Oh my! Where to begin? Music, the sound of birds, the wind, waves rolling into the shoreline....all are meant for me alone, I'm sure! I not only hear the sounds but feel them as well. I forget about everything and let the sound wash over my whole being...I let it take me wherever I need to be at that moment.

I used to get into trouble as a child for always touching things I apparently wasn't supposed to touch! I guess I wasn't totally cured of the affliction! Mwahaha! In fact maybe the opposite is true. The more I was told I wasn't supposed to touch, the more I wanted to! Thus...I love to touch and be touched. Not to mention all of those lifetimes spent being pampered, bathed, dressed, massaged, and adored as royalty and the like have left their mark deep on my psyche so I can't really be blamed for this one! And this really does explain so many things. Thats my story and I'm sticking to it!

(Oh and dude, whats a rode?)


Trent Deerhorn said...

Hey Krymson,

A rode is what comes out of my dyslexic fingers when being really into what I am typing at 11:00 at night, and it is also what my dyslexic eyes can't see when editing and spell checking. You would be surprised as to what all I actually do correct! A friend pointed that out to me this morning, so I made the corrections. I guess that the progressive lenses are not equipped with spell check! Ya, I am getting up there!

Oh, and I know exactly what you mean about the pampering that we get used to. Those were the days!

Blessed Be