Friday, February 15, 2008

Ancient Chinese Proverb

There is an ancient Chinese Proverb that goes, "Before enlightenment, we chop wood and haul water. After enlightenment, we chop wood and haul water." I love that one. It speaks to the simplicity of life. So often I have encountered those whom I lovingly refer to as "space cadets". You know the ones. You find them everywhere. They are so "spiritually attuned" that they have no basis in this world, are completely ungrounded and often do more damage than good in the delivery of their "spiritual messages." These are people who could seriously use some work on their base chakra! After all, the more grounded and stable we are, the higher we can authentically fly.

Those of us who actually do the work involved know that the world still has its demands and we still have our basic human needs. So we chop wood and haul water because it needs to be done. We don't wait around and spend our time meditating when what needs to be attended to is going unacknowledged and neglected. Meditation has its time and place. So does eating and sleeping and working and making ourselves not just "good people", but people who are "good for something." Some of the most spiritually advanced folks I have encountered are very common. They consist of carpenters, mechanics, farmers, social workers, taxi cab drivers, counselors, police officers, mail delivery people, nurses and the like, just to mention a few. These are not people who are discarding their attire, donning strange robes, and trying to save the world by denying the world's importance.

We are here for a purpose. We cannot fulfill our purpose if we are denying the world around us. We can only fulfill our purpose if we are here and now and attending to the needs of the world around us. It really does not matter how simple or how elaborate that work is. We can find enlightenment while chopping wood and hauling water. Enlightenment is about a conscious connection. That conscious connection can only happen if one is in the moment and completely aware of the importance of the simple things in life. And while I am at it, I might as well mention that I don't think we pay people nearly enough in their menial jobs for the work and the service they provide. If someone is serving me coffee, I like to tip them. Yes, they did the job they are paid to do. But I still don't think that they are paid enough. The mere fact that they are there and handing me the coffee says to me that I don't have to go to the trouble of making it myself or cleaning up after myself once the coffee is done. This type of thing is important to me because it makes my life easier.

At first, when someone would leave me a tip for the healing work I do for them, I found it a little strange. I felt a bit uncomfortable with the concept, until a dear friend, who was also utilizing my service, said to me that she felt that my fee was minimal in comparison with the impact that I have in her life. Wow. Now it was my turn to step up to the plate with a healthy dose of gratitude and be able to say a heart felt "thank you." And this type of thing ripples on. I have given money to people that I feel are worth the investment, and I have done so when my own financial situation at times is a little shaky. But it ripples. I then pick up three new clients and they help make up for the smidgen of money that I sent out. If I treat money as an abundant flow, it proves itself to be so.

Well that was a lot of stuff in one blog. So I will sign off here and say:

Keep things simple and go with the flow.

Blessed Be


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