Sunday, February 22, 2009

Angels Among Us

People often ask me if angels really exist. I tell them that I believe that they do. Then I get asked about how I know this. Well, often they appear to me while I am working on a healing for a person, or even for an animal. No, they don't usually have wings like the one in this photo, but some do.

A most memorable encounter with an angel was in relation to when I needed one myself. I was stranded on the side of a road at night during a blizzard. I tried to flag down oncoming cars, but no one wanted to pull over to help a man. I am sure that if I was a woman ten of them would have been lined up. But I was not so they would simply drive past and keep on going. This was before the era of the cell phone, so I knew I was in trouble because I would either have to risk freezing to death walking to find a farm along the road, or I would have to risk freezing to death sitting in my broken down car. Slowly falling to sleep in the cold was beginning to look like a definite option. There are worse ways to go, but I also knew that I was not done here and that if this was the end of it, I was going to have to come back and start all over again in order to get my work done. I sat in the car for a couple of hours, hoping that no one would run into me as the flashers were not working anymore.

Then a knock came on my window, which almost made me jump right out of my skin! I could hardly believe that anyone finally stopped. I rolled my window down and this guy who looked a lot like Grizzly Adams asked me if I needed a tow. I looked behind me and saw a tow truck with flashing lights. I immediately accepted the offer. Once my car was on the hoist, he asked me where I wanted him to tow it. The warmth of the cab of the truck was so wonderful that I almost didn't hear his question. Once it registered I realized that I was probably closer to home than to town so asked if he could tow my there. His reply was, "No problem!" and off we went. The strange thing was that I didn't give him directions to the farm where I was living. He just turned on all the correct corners and before I knew it we were dropping my car off in the yard. I didn't have enough money in my wallet, I was sure, so I said I would be right back and that I just had to go inside and get some money for him. "That's okay," he said, "There's no charge for this one." I asked him if he was sure and began to insist that I pay. "Nope," he said, "I'm just glad I finally found ya and that you can now get on with your tasks at hand."

With that he drove down the driveway and the blizzard engulfed his vehicle before he even got to the road. I couldn't even see the flashing lights. Then I realized I couldn't even hear the engine. I was going to walk down the driveway to make sure he made it, but as I started out, I realized that there were no tracks either! No tracks from his truck and none from my car that he was towing. I walked into the house and my mother was glad to see me, having been worried about what was taking me so long to get home. I told her that I was towed home by the tow truck and she said that she didn't ever see his flashing lights in the yard, which she was keeping a close eye on to see if I was driving in. No headlights either. "Well," I said, "I guess that I was just saved by an angel."

That was the first time that I recall having been assisted by an angel, although there were others since and probably many times of which I was not even aware. So yes, I believe in angels. Why not? After all, I also encounter fairies, spirit guides, power animals and the like! And for these many connections, I am eternally grateful.

Blessed Be

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Gail said...

I recall the time I swerved the car to avoid hitting a cat on the road one night on my way to work. I swear that an unseen hand grabbed the wheel and turned it so the car ended up safely off the road. I was the able to collect my wits, calm down and then continue on. I'm sure an invisible angel was there, steering the car that night.

Anonymous said...

I had one experience that might be described as angelic--sitting in my college dorm with my roommate, of all nondescript places! We were having some deep religious discussion and then both saw a moving flash of light, followed by an overwhelming sense of joy. It felt just like a little visitation, some sort of acknowledgment from on high.

Trent Deerhorn said...

Now that's the sort of thing that I am talking about! Yes!! Good for both of you!