Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Birthday Boy

I don't know why, other than alliteration, they use that term. I am hardly a boy anymore. But before anyone found some weird photo of me in the newspaper announcing the event, I thought I would simply own up to it an let all my readers is my Birthday today!

Forty-six years ago today I was brought into this world. I am sure that, other than the fact that I was by far the largest baby of 5 that my mother gave birth to, it was quite the usual event. One thing that was consistent for the first 24 years, however, is that no matter where I lived there was a snow storm on this day. Thank goodness that karma changed. Not that I don't appreciate snow, but really we all like rain as well, just not the flooding kind.

My last 46 years have been excellent in so many ways. Although there have been quite "challenging" times through my life, I find myself looking back and feeling gratitude for all that I have experienced. Whether the experiences were fun or not, the lessons have been learned. Yesterday I received some absolutely excellent handmade gifts from my beautiful daughters and today I am celebrating both at work and after work. Celebrating what? Well, the mere fact that I was brought to this earth. I think that it is important to celebrate these things every moment that we get. Without acknowledging things like birthdays, we miss the whole point of what we mean to the world and what the world around us means to us. So yes, if you like, I do not at all mind being wished a "Happy Birthday". And if I am astute enough to know when your birthday is, I will sing it to you!

Blessed Be

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Gail said...

A most happy, joyous, and exciting Birthday to you, Trent!!! And may the next 46 bring many more adventures your way...!