Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Friends of a Feather

I have this thing with birds. I love them. They also tend to love me. This is a good thing because otherwise it would only serve to feed my abandonment issues! A new friend asked me where I learned the stuff I do as a shaman. I told her that it was from my family as well as from the forests, fields, rocks, rivers, animals and birds. This is all true. After over 45 years of living, I have had plenty of opportunities to gain insights from the many friends that are abundant in nature.

It is amazing, for example, the amount of power that can be carried energetically in just one Eagle feather. The medicine that this can give over for the purpose of healing and protection is profound. Feathers have been used in many cultures to cleanse and clear the aura, thus enhancing healing of the body, mind and spirit. I find that they also can be used to direct energies, much like a wand, and to receive insights into the Third Eye. When this happens for me, it is because I hold the Eagle Feather to my Third Eye and "listen" to what it has to offer in terms of guidance. It comes in images, feelings, colors and journeys on which I am taken.

I like using feathers to brush off my energy field at night before bed. This simple practice helps me to sleep better and enables me to do my dream walking with clarity and ease. I would highly recommend it for everyone. It doesn't have to be an Eagle feather that is used for this. It can be a simple Turkey feather, which holds the medicine of "give away". This medicine is appropriate when it comes to brushing off the junk from a hectic day.

Blessed Be

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