Thursday, February 5, 2009

We Just Need to Look

If we just look at something and allow our eyes to take on different focus, we are able to see things that are right there in front of us and always have been. In the top quarter of this photo, for example, there is the face of a nature spirit. People don't often notice these things and if they do they write them off as optical illusions.

The thing is that these "optical illusions" can move around and communicate to us if we allow them to. I was unsure as to whether or not I saw what I saw, until it moved and blinked. Then I knew that what I was seeing was real. But part of me already knew that. I get signals from my body when something amazing is about to happen. So when it moved, I knew that this was not just my imagination. And when it came forth and spoke to me it gave me a message for someone else that was at the same gathering. When I delivered the message, the person was able to find peace and the spirit was able to then help her more effectively.

I love this kind of stuff!

Blessed Be

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