Friday, February 20, 2009

Dreams After Waking

"All things appear or disappear like the sound of an echo: The clouds in the sky, the moon on the water, the lightning, the sea foam, the trail of a bird as it flies, or the visions of dreams after waking." Master Taisen Deshimaru.

Have you ever noticed how, once we wake up, our dreams and visions of what we were dreaming fades? Some would say that this is because we become conscious to reality. I don't believe, however, that all that is in the physical realm is all that there is to "reality". Part of the waking process might actually be a "falling asleep" process. Shamanic teachings tell us that the physical realm is the dream and that all the rest of the inter dimensional consciousness is the reality. I have learned that this is true. But the trick is to walk both realities and not get caught up on just one or the other.

This can apply to phases of one's life as well. In the few years that I have lived, I have woken up from one phase and entered into another many times. Sometimes the dream has been a good one. Sometimes what I have woken up from is a little more like a nightmare. We all have moments when we wake up and say to ourselves, "Thank God that was a dream!". In life we sometimes wake up and say, "Thank God that's over!". The essence of the situation is the same. We have come from one phase and entered into another.

When we enter into the next phase, however, we still must honour the one that we left behind. We need to thank it for all that it has taught us and for all the experiences it has brought our way. If we can't have gratitude, then we hold onto it instead of letting it go. When we hold onto it we draw it back into our lives in another form. Then we have that wonderful deja vu experience and wonder why it has come back like guzzled beer. The gratitude allows us to sip instead of guzzle and thus we are able to taste all the flavours and fully experience the situation, thus assimilating it fully and releasing it properly. This is not something that happens overnight. It does take some time and certainly takes some effort. When done properly, we can allow the fading process to occur without regret or sorrow and know that, like everything else in life, the next phase will also fade away, making way for the one after that. This is the natural and beautiful cycle that happens each and every day, as sure as the rising and setting of the sun.

Blessed Be

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Krymson said...

An absolutely beautiful post! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Some things have recently returned to my life that make me wonder if I'm still holding on to the past. At first, I resisted but now I'm seeing this return as a way to finally make peace and move on to the next phase.

It's making the peace that's difficult!

Lorr said...

You are awesome! And so, so 'smart'! I am learning alot from have an amazing 'gift of gab' & are truly Blessed with your talent for expressing yourself. Thank You for your insights, it truly is inspiring!
Happy Belated Birth-Day

Trent Deerhorn said...

Thanks for all the birthday wishes everyone! I appreciate them.

And the next phase is always better than the last, so hang in there, Riverwolf!