Saturday, February 14, 2009

Love Day

Valentine's Day. A celebration of Love. I remember being told, "It's just a day like any other, so let's just skip it, shall we?". I was devastated. I had been told the same about an anniversary. It just came across as harsh and uncaring. Any wonder this relationship didn't last?

I know that Valentine's Day is a Hallmark holiday, but really. Why not celebrate Love, no matter who initiated it? And there are so many forms of love that can be celebrated. The love of a parent for a child and vise verse, the love of a husband and wife, or one partner for another, the love of two deeply connected friends, the list can go on.

I find that the highest form of love is that of compassion. It is like the scent of a beautiful flower; available to all, no matter who or where they are. Love really doesn't discern between who "should" have it and who "should not" receive it. It simply is, and it heals all.

Blessed Be

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Penny said...

When I opened the blog and saw the roses I could smell them. I think we should consciously celebrate love every day in deeds, thoughts and actions. Flowers, candies and cards are welcome any time especially if they are unexpected.

Trent Deerhorn said...

I even enjoy love notes in my sock drawer! It doesn't take much and doesn't have to cost a thing, does it?