Thursday, February 5, 2009


The name of this Goddess figure is "Desire". When I first picked it up and held it, I felt such a complete sense of peace that I had to instantly adopt it as my own. That is code for "charge it!". It took me a long time to reconcile the name of the figure with the experience I have inwardly in response to holding it or even just seeing it. This is because of worthiness issues that I had been carrying.

I now understand that what brings us peace is having our desires acknowledged and honoured. This means that we not only have to know what our desires are, but we have to own up to them. Once we do, they can be fulfilled.

Some people feel ashamed of their desires. I used to. I no longer feel that way. I have found a number of ways in which to express my desires and have them fulfilled. But many struggle with that, as did I for many years. What it comes right down to is understanding that we all have needs and desires. These are not whims. These are things that actually feed our souls.

We may not know for sure why it is that we desire a trip to Greece, for example, but once we get there we have an overwhelming feeling of deja vu and understand that this is a location that we have visited before and in which we have had excellent lifetimes. We may not understand why we have always wanted to try singing or dancing or learning accounting skills. Yet once we do these sorts of things, we find a part of us becomes nourished in a way that nothing else can achieve.

I remember wanting to explore painting on canvas. Part of me was excited when the opportunity came up. The other parts were scared as all get out. Painting brings me peace. It allows me to express myself in ways that I can't express through other avenues. With the skill, however, there also came opportunity for me to heal many karmic issues that were associated with painting. Some of these issues were not very pleasant, but as I have walked my path, each of them has been healed. So I continue to paint because that is a desire and a passion of mine that must be fed. As I feed this passion and desire, I feed my soul.

Blessed Be

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