Thursday, February 5, 2009

Taking the Redeye

This is a photo of me at a Christmas party for the staff of the Aquamarine Healing Centre. No matter what I do with the red eye removal on my photo shop program, I just can't get it to work. Then I thought about how often we try to force things that just don't matter. I decided that I don't mind having a red eye photo. The thing is that the eyes are the windows to the soul. That is what matters most. It doesn't matter if that soul is red, black, brown, yellow, white, orange or any other color of the spectrum. A soul is a soul.

I enjoy having fun. Although I don't "party it up" all the time, I like to have fun in just day to day conversations. I enjoy making people, especially myself, laugh. Most often I am not the only one laughing at my jokes or my antics. I do have coyote medicine, so I am a trickster by nature. This usually comes out in word play and the like. If others aren't laughing, I just cease the fun. Either they don't get it, or I have missed something that they are sensitive towards. So I check in and see what is up.

I am not a stand up comedian. Some friends who know me well say I should become one. But I find that if you have a "routine" people pick up on the lack of spontaneity. I prefer to be spontaneous in my humour. That way it leaves everything open as fair game.

Blessed Be

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