Friday, October 10, 2008

All's Good

Last night a friend of mine described a similar event in the dream time that I had the other night, which had resulted in the wounded back. We came to realize that the little boy in the dream realm is actually a dark entity, in allegiance with other dark entities. So when another friend removed the arrow from me, I was able to have clarity and track from where (or actually whom) the arrow had come. Now those ones have been vanquished and harmony continues to grow. All in a day's (or night's ) work. All is good.

Blessed Be


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21st Century Magick said...

Wow - Your back is pain free as well, I hope. I wonder how long it took for the Dark Side to formulate their attack or ambush against you in the form of that little boy?
Did you know he smirked when the arrow struck you? He then scaled the boulders like a spider - man, that creeps me out how fast that thing can move.