Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Waxing Moon

The Waxing Moon holds with it the energy of potential. It is at this time of the month that we feel building within ourselves those things that we have been desiring for some time. As the moon grows in the sky, so our own energies grow within. This is why at the drumming circle last night we performed a very powerful ceremony, welcoming into our lives those things that we would like to build and accentuate within ourselves. Once the energy was given over to the universe, there was a huge white dome that radiated out and encompassed the city, then rippled forth and blasted into the stars. Totally cool, and even more so that a friend from outside the city happened to see the dome!

The next drumming circle happens to fall on a Waning Moon, which calls us to do yet another ceremony, this time releasing those things that hold us back in life. I can't wait to see what will happen with that one!

In the meantime, there is such a warm and loving community of drummers building in our fair city. Those who gather at a drumming circle, mine or anyone else's, find that there is a synergy that builds between kindred spirits and that, near or far, we always feel the loving energy that comes from each member of the circle.

Blessed Be


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21st Century Magick said...

I can hear and sense the drums beating in the distance already... I can hardly wait until the drumming circle begins to be surrounded by their sensual and alluring sound that defies a listener to remain still as the pounding rhythm pursues one's spirit, catches it up and sweeps it away to see other places and beings, either for the first time or for a repeat visit. Oh, the adventure that awaits!