Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sometimes it is a Pain!

Last night I went on a journey to help a little boy who was being harassed by an entity. I got the entity into the light and was comforting the boy when suddenly I had an arrow in my back. I left when the boy ran off and I came back into my body, only to discover that this morning my back is hurting something miserable where the arrow went in. I never did see where the arrow came from. I imagine I might have missed a second entity, and all will reveal itself in time. But I find that there are sometimes physical consequences to helping folks through the dream weave. Sometimes we don't just bring back the good stuff with us. We also experience some of the after effects of the negative things we encounter.

I always look at it as opportunity to heal something further, that is after the initial, "Holy crap! My back is hurting!" response. So with the opportunity to heal, I understand that the arrow went in at a weak point in my aura. This weak point can now be healed seeing as how it has made itself evident to me. And once it is healed, I can go on and continue doing the ethereal healing work that I do at night. Until then, I will take the well needed break and work on myself. From the book of Trent, it is "easy schmeezy"!

Blessed Be



21st Century Magick said...

Why is it that it's only when we hurt that we take time from our work? Why is it that we feel so driven to perform even when we're not at our best? Is it the old 'mind over matter' philosophy, the one I keep witnessing so often being played out at work ad nauseum, and am realizing just now as I write this third and final question, that I play out, too?
(Three is a good number... 3 questions in a row is a good place to stop.)

Lauren said...

Nameste Trent