Friday, October 24, 2008

A Smile Travels Far

I have noticed while walking to work that in the morning I usually get a smile out of passers by when I smile and say good morning to them. Now, granted, there are some introverts who, as they approach, look the other way to avoid eye contact. Tempting as it is to put myself in their faces with a smile and a "GOOD MORNING!", I avoid making people uncomfortable with no good reason, so I just say "Good morning" as I go by and don't care if they respond. But those who are willing to engage, no matter what age or race or gender, respond with delight! A huge smile comes across their faces, making them appear like the morning sun, and a "good morning" bursts from their lips. On the way home at the end of the day I am still smiling, but unfortunately most who are walking home at that time are not. By the end of the day they are obviously beaten down by their jobs or whatever and keep their eyes to the ground and ignore my "hello" and my smile. I keep doing it anyway just in case they will notice that there is a choice that they have and an opportunity to experience something positive at the end of the day. Those walking their dogs at that time are very into the greeting thing. Some stop and chat and I get to admire their beautiful four legged friends.

This is my ritual as I walk to work. I listen mostly to Dido and Globus on the ipod, say "good morning" to passers by, and thoroughly enjoy the exercise and the fresh air and the birds who seem to follow me along my walk from the moment I leave the apartment building until I get to work. There are also smokers who sit along the walk beside the hospital along the way. I decided to not judge them, even though we all know that they are slowly killing themselves, and just be me, and try to not inhale the second hand junk they push out of their lungs. At first they bothered me in terms of their decisions to smoke (something I have no control over whatsoever, so decided to not let it bother me), and then by their second hand junk. Then I decided to simply energetically radiate massive amounts of positive vibes. The number of smokers out there has decreased! Whether they found an alternate place to smoke or are just not smoking I do not know, but the number decrease fascinates me. Those who are still there are now, instead of hiding behind their smoke screens, smiling at me as I go by and responding with a "good morning" as well.

Nine blocks one way each day, that's eighteen blocks a day, 72 blocks a week if I walk to work every a month that comes to.....WOW! A smile really does travel far!

Blessed Be



Gail said...

And think of all the smiles you pass on to others during your work day, between the 18 blocks you walk. They carry that smile back to where they started out and pass it along there, too.
This morning, a smile - this afternoon, an unbroken chain of bright sparklng energy, the visible trail of that first smile.

Vanitha said...

I do exactly the same thing when I walk to work and back everyday, something I’ve been doing from various locations for most of 18 years except while on dialysis or for awhile after the stroke. It amazes me the number of people that avoid eye contact, but I am far more impressed by the ones who genuinely respond positively. It is dually enriching! After years of passing some of the same folks, we are often both smiling as we recognize each other along the way and it feels like connecting with an old friend!
I was often highly annoyed by smokers and tried my best to get up-wind of them. While I still attempt to get out of their smoke, I now send out a positive healing massage as I pass them such as “The power is within you to release this addiction”. I’m not sure if it helps them, but I certainly feel better. Empowering over judging, works for me! It also really helps those miles and miles of smiles ripple forth. Walk on “Deer” Shaman!

Vanitha said...

Oopps! I actually just send out a MESSAGE, no physical touching involved!! At least, not right away!

Penny said...

Your smile heralds the start to my work day and your laughter during the day brightens everyone's spirit. Gail is right. Keep it up