Monday, October 20, 2008

We Could Tell You What's Coming....

But where's the fun in that? This was what the sign said on the window of a store in the mall that my friend and I were at this afternoon. I laughed, as did he, at the irony of it all. This, to us, was a Universal message for all. The Universe could tell us what's coming, but that would indeed ruin all the fun that we have along the road of life, and the element of surprise about what ends up around the next bend. Let's face it, we can look at the unknown as a terrifying thing, or we could look at it as a Christmas or Birthday present that we have not yet had the opportunity to open.

I prefer the latter over the former. I have always enjoyed the element of surprise in my life. Although not much escapes this shaman dude, there are some things that I just don't want to know about before they happen. That way I have the fun of enjoying the rush of excitement as the event unfolds. If I were to have known ahead of time what was about to happen to me all the time, I would not have become who I am today. In fact, I would not have even become a shaman. This is a rewarding job to have, but not without a LOT of work and a LOT of strife along the way. The rewards are deeply felt, so I am glad that Spirit chose me. But had I known in the first place what I was getting myself into, I would have run like crazy. I am so glad that I had not known. That way I was able to live more in the moment and less in the fear of the future. I still don't want to know. Yes, I get glimpses of possibilities. But I don't hold the Universe to those possibilities. I hold myself to them if they are something I would like. I only hold myself to them, however, as long as they remain something I like. Other than that, I am completely open to the many abundant possibilities that the Universe has for me. This makes me a much happier person.

Blessed Be



Vanitha said...

I recall asking my "Collective" for some guidance regarding my "Beloved" or Soul Mate. They responded with "You already know him" and "You've met him fleetingly!"

Well, I've worked in public service for 22 years, I've taught dance for about 17 years, I talk to strangers all the time as I believe they could just be friends I haven't met this life, and I've travelled on 5 continents so I've met nearly everyone

I then asked for his initials, to which they responded that they weren't going to tell me because "I'd screw it up"!!

OH! They know me so well!
Considering the glorious way things turned out I'm so glad I didn't know but just took a giant "Leap of Faith" and trusted in the Divine unfolding of the Universe!

Gail said...

All my life I have feared the unknown, but I'm gradually learning and accepting that just because something isn't known doesn't automatically mean it's a bad or scary thing.
Being told about the Boogie Man, wondering what could possibly happen after I waited for my father to get home, stories about girls being abducted from washrooms to be sold into the slave trade, well, you get the picture. Being left to fill in the blanks myself contributed to this overarching fear, whose pall has coloured my life and my outlook.
I never realized how deeply affected I was by all these so-called 'urban legends' and fairy tales I was told as a child. I had no idea how psychologically and spiritually abusive it is to inflict this kind of fear upon anyone, especially a child.
Thank you, Trent, for writing this blog - your words have shone a light upon this previously dark corner in me.
Thank you, "Vanitha", for sharing your experience with the unknown as it pertains to your "Beloved". Your comment confirms the essence of Trent's blog entry that the unknown also holds fabulous surprises, just waiting for us to discover!